With the Hidden Motorized Bar you can turn your front room into a bar with a touch of button. The Motorized Bar has the capacity to store a Complete set of glasses and all the bar utensils.  As will as a power outlet for a blender or powered sign what ever your needs will be.  Another great feature that comes with having a Motorized Hidden Bar.  Is while the bar is in the closed position all your valuable liqueurs are securely locked away keeping them safe and out of children's reach on the hidden set of shelf's.  With a simple remote control switch your normal wall cabinet instantly transforms into a fully furnished bar ready to serve friends and family.   This cabinet was designed with the feedback of our customers in mind. 

Our team has been designing and manufacturing automated units for over 25 years, Transforming Designs tests all the components in-house, making sure every unit built is in perfect working condition before its sent out.  We would love to here your input to make this great unit even better.

This units size is cutomizable to fit where you need it upon request.

Dimensions for this unit are  84" x 84" x 25"