Introducing The GAT - 64 Game Anywhere™ Table


our latest kickstarter exceed its goal in less than 3 days!!! 


The Game Anywhere™ table is the first full size gaming table that is both lightweight and 100% portable. Designed with more than just the game in mind, we had the player in mind as well.

With our innovative patent pending design, the Game Anywhere™ Table features four player stations with magnetic player panels.  

Additionally, the designers and engineers at TDI Games have created an entire line of Game Anywhere™ accessories.

 Game anywhere™ tables

We have a Game Anywhere™ Table package that is right for everyone, and if we don't, we will customize one, just for you!

 Game anywhere™ Accessories

Ready to take your gaming to the next level? Check out our entire line of Game Anywhere™ Accessories.

Here at Transforming Designs™ we involve you, the everyday user for input to help us make the most unique designs with the best form and function, from design concepts to the final product. This is a tried and true process that transforms the ordinary to extraordinary.

Thank you for your support!

Transforming Designs™ Team